New Patient information

New Patient Information

Prior to your first visit

New patient information: Please fill out the Initial Evaluation form. This will save some valuable time and helps the therapist get to know you. If you have questions regarding the location of the clinic or online therapy, please contact us at or call 778 736 920.

Initial evaluation

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Your first visit

At your first visit, the therapist will complete an initial evaluation. She will ask about your condition, previous level of function, how the condition is affecting the quality of life, and goals you may have with therapy. She will then take specific measurements of the impairments that may be causing the problem and develops a treatment plan suitable for you and together you will develop goals of therapy.

Treatment plan

The plan will include the duration and frequency of sessions. Treatment follows with planning for home exercise program. You will be offered access to exercise videos to guide your home program. The treatment will likely include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and possible other modalities.

Please wear comfortable clothing or you may bring a change of clothes with you for the appointment. It is important for the therapist to see the area that is treated. Work-out clothes are most comfortable.

Follow-up visit

At your follow up visit, your therapist will review your home program with you, ask you about the progress you are making with therapy and will answer all your questions. Depending on how your symptoms are, you will be advised to continue with the current program or it may change. Your observations are very important and often will help the therapist determine if the treatment direction is right. If you have any questions after your therapy session, we encourage you to reach out to the therapist via email, text or call.

Online therapy

At this time, due to Covid-19, you may find it complicated to attend physiotherapy in person. Online therapy is just as effective as an in-person visit and will allow continuum of care. If it is your first visit or a follow-up, the online option is safe and available. Please click bellow to get more information.

Online Physical Therapy

Prices for physical therapy services

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation Form Please fill out this form prior to the first visit. 

Contact Form Please contact us if you have any questions about your physical therapy visit. 



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