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We Can Help With:

Orthopedic issues

  • Back/Spine Injuries
  • Acute and Chronic back pain
  • Neck pain 
  • Cervicogenic Headaches
  • Sports-Related Injuries
  • Shoulder pain
  • Pre and Post Surgical Conditions
  • Overuse/Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Knee Injuries/ pain
  • Foot/Ankle Injuries
  • Wrist/Hand/Forearm Injuries
  • Imbalance

Oncology rehabilitation

  • Pre and post surgery rehabilitation
  • Protecting your lymphatic system
  • Exercise guidelines

Lymphedema management

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Bandaging
  • Exercise
  • Skin care

Prague Physical Therapy offers:

Manual Therapy

  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Myofascial Release
  • Mobilization with Movement
  • Muscle Energy Techniques

Therapeutic Exercise

  • Mechanical Therapy
  • Improved muscle balance and coordination with guided movement
  • Increased flexibility and strength
  • Postural Correction

Home Exercise Instruction

  • An individualized plan for home exercise leading to independence and maintaining good posture, strength, and flexibility. 
  • Video demo of your home exercise program that can be checked on your computer or mobile device

Phone/ Telehealth consultation

  • Are you too busy to visit our office?
  • Do you need to solve your problem fast and cannot spend time traveling to and from the clinic? 
  • Do you have questions about your home program?

Prague Physical Therapy offers physical therapy services over a technology platform rather than in-person therapy visit. We offer live video physical therapy visit. You can save time and money by scheduling your electronic visit. 

Schedule you phone/ skype/ facetime consultation here

Prague Physical Therapy

Nekázanka 881/9
Prague 1, 110 00
+420 778736920