Magdalena is the quintessential physical therapist when it comes to what she knows and how she connects. It is very obvious that she was highly trained in the medicine of PT, and demonstrates that with a skill level that is quite admirable. I never doubted that she is current on the latest techniques, combined with age-old strategies that still work well. She freely shares what she knows so her patients become educated as to why she is using a specific  treatment path. Additionally, Magdalena has mastered the art of conversation that she weaves throughout the time spent with her. She connects with patients in a personal way, without being intrusive, so she understands the patient, the person,  and the medical need. I always looked forward to my appointments with Magdalena because I knew I would enjoy them, and her, while I was being cared for in the best way possible.

~ Patricia

Magdalena treated my wife during a difficult period when she was diagnosed with cancer. I attend all her sessions, and observed Magdalena to be sincere and compassionate , besides having obvious physical therapy skills. Several years later, I developed recurring pain in my right knee. I was originally skeptical that physical therapy would work on my knee. But 8 sessions later, my knee felt good, and I resumed my vigorous exercise  schedule. Recently, I hoped to return to Magdalena for severe pain in my right calf. I am disappointed to learn Magdalena and her family have moved to Prague. My loss, Prague’s gain.


Thanks so much for helping me get back to normal. I hadn’t realized how tight all my muscles had gotten after surgery. I felt like a new person after just one session with you. 


Magdalena, thank you so much. Feeling way better. 


 For a period of 12 months I was under the care of Magdalena for
     recovery of back surgery.
     My successful recovery was a result of her specialized training,
     expertise and personal approach to my issues.
     Magdalena is a credit to her profession and I would most assuredly
     recommend her to anyone in need of physical therapy.


Magdalena has been my physical therapist for 3 years dealing with my chronic condition. She is exceptional!  She has the innate ability to read my body and the skill set to know exactly what works best. She is professional, encouraging and alert to the needs of all of tall her  clients.  She understands the challenges we face and is compassionate. 

She takes the time to thoroughly evaluate me and used hands on therapy to improve my range of motion and strength. I quickly noticed the difference from the hands-on therapy compared to the many other physical therapists I have seen in the past, who just gave me exercises and walked away. Magdalena’s attention to everything I did since the session was one-on-one, assuring I was always doing everything correctly. I am now completely pain free and back to my normal routine without any restrictions. I am so thankful! I would highly recommend her!