Graduated in 1998 with Master’s degree in Physiotherapy at the Charles University in Prague.

Graduated in 1996 with Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy at the Charles University in Prague.

2019 to present  Private practice Prague Physical therapy

2019 to present Consultant for Movementwise

2010 – 2018 Overlake Hospital Medical Center, Bellevue, WA - Physical Therapist at Outpatient rehabilitation Clinic with speciality in Orthopedics, Oncology rehabilitation and Lymphedema therapist 

2007 – 2010 Providence St. Vincent Hospital, Portland, OR - Physical therapist at the Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic with speciality in Orthopedics and Lymphedema management

2001 – 2006 California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA - Physical Therapist, inpatient and outpatient.

1998 – 2001 NHS Hereford County and General Hospitals, Hereford, UK - rotation Physiotherapist at inpatient Surgery, Intensive Care, Geriatrics, Gynecology and Orthopedic units, Outpatient Physiotherapist at Orthopedic Clinic.

Orthopedic continuing education:

2018     Shoulder rehabilitation, Medbridge online course

2017     McKenzie Part D, Portland, Oregon, USA

2008     McKenzie, part C. Washington, USA

2008     McKenzie, part B. Portland, Oregon, USA

2000     McKenzie, part A, Glamorgan, UK 

2012     Kinesiotaping Part III, Redmond, Washington, USA 

2004     Kinesiotaping Part I and II, Progressive Rehab Concepts, Three-day course, San Francisco, CA, USA                    

2015     Mulligan Concept – Lower Quadrant, Mobilizations with movement, Seattle, Washington, USA

2011     Brian Mulligan – Diagnosis and Treatment of the Upper and Lower Quadrants, Bellevue, Washington, USA 

2016     The Running Athlete – Biomechanics and Analysis, Bellevue, Washington, USA 

2014     Arthritis and the Upper Extremity, Seattle, Washington, USA 

2014     Neuromobilization of the Upper Quadrant, Seattle, Washington, USA 

2013      Upper Extremity Nerve and Tendon Injuries, Portland, Oregon, USA 

2006     Kinetic Control, Movement Dysfunction – Focus on Dynamic Stability and Muscle Balance of the hip joint. Three-day course.  San Francisco, California, USA

2006       Evaluation and Treatment of the Lumbar spine and SI joint, Two-day course, Los Gatos, California, USA      

2000    Kinetic Control Movement Dysfunction – Dynamic Stability and Muscle Balance, Hereford, UK 

2000    Clinical Reasoning of The Lumbar Spine, Hereford, United Kingdom 

1999    Certification Course in Diagnosis and Treatment of Dysfunction in Musculoskeletal System, Soft Tissue Techniques, Mobilization and Muscle Energy Techniques a 9-week course taught by Prof. Lewit, completed by the final exam, Prague, Czech Republic

1992     Muscle Energy Techniques, Prague, Czech Republic.

Oncology Rehabilitation:

2015     Advanced Oncology Rehabilitation for Successful outcomes, Tacoma, Washington, USA

2013     Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Course, Tacoma, Washington, USA 

2011     Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Richmond, Washington, USA

Neuro continuing education:

2011       Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Acute, Inflammatory & Demyelinating 8 hours 

2009       HIV/AIDS: Implications for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals,  7  hrs Washington, USA

2005      Balance and Vestibular Rehab, San Francisco,  California, USA


2013     Completion of LANA Certification Board Exam

2012     Complete Decongestive Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage – (135      contact hours) Certification Course.

2012     Certified Compression Garment  Fitter Training, Seattle, Washington, USA

2016      BSN Medical Short Stretch Compression Solutions, Farrow Wrap, Seattle, Washington, USA

1997    Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Institute for Postgraduate Training of Health workers in Brno, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic 

Other continuing education:

2004    Spanish for Physical Therapists,  San Francisco       California, USA

2016     Overview of Medical and Medicinal Foods, Bellevue, Washington, USA 

2003    Depression and Bipolar Disorder, San Francisco, California, USA

2000    Acupuncture for Pain Relief, London, UK

2000    Problem-solving approach to respiratory care, Hereford, UK

2000    Electrotherapy Update, Redditch, UK

1997    Hippotherapy certification course, 4 months, Prague, Czech Republic

Magdalena Pertoldova, PT, MPT

PRAGUE PHYSICAL THERAPY, Nekázanka 881/9, 110 00 Praha 1

Prague Physical Therapy
Is a private Physical Therapy practice, founded in 2019 by Magdalena Pertoldova, MPT.

Magdalena has over 20 years of experience in Physical therapy. She focuses on treatment of the musculoskeletal system and she worked mainly with adults with various orthopedic, oncology problems and treatment of lymphedema. Magdalena worked in USA, UK and the Czech Republic in various hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Clinical experience
During her clinical practice Magdalena was treating patients of various ages and backgrounds. She is enthusiastic therapist, who believes that the body and mind need activity to heal. Many orthopedic issues can be treated conservatively by postural correction, manual therapy and exercises. Magdalena believes, that patient education and suitable lifestyle changes can help to heal.

Throughout her practice Magdalena has furthered her clinical skills and education by attending courses with specific focus on mechanical therapy, mobilization with movement and muscle energy techniques.

Magdalena obtained Summa Cum Laude Masters degree in Physical Therapy at the Charles University in Prague in 1998 and her Bachelors degree in Physical therapy at UK in 1996. She lives with her husband and three daughters in Prague.

Prague Therapy vision is to offer top quality Physical Therapy in a friendly environment.

Client reviews

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Magdalena Wawerková
Problem : Neck pain
Therapy: Online therapy
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(Google translate) Thank you very much for your effective help. Without physical contact between the patient and the physiotherapist, my condition improved significantly. During the six ONLINE THERAPIES, instead of being blocked, I have a fully functional neck and significantly better shoulder mobility. I see the reason for success in:
- a clear explanation of the nature of the difficulties and the ways to remedy them,
- demonstration of effective exercises and verification of their implementation by the patient, correction of errors,
- by sending videos as guides.
Mgr Pertoldová does not overwhelm the patient with an excess of information and assigns homework realistically. I have met a number of physiotherapists in my life. I can state that the approach, procedure and results of Mgr. The Pertolds are at an incomparably higher level. M. Wawerková
Maria Ines Arriaza
Problem Back pain
Therapy Office visit
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I am SO happy and feel so lucky to have found Magdalena. Unfortunately, I have had some very bad experiences with doctors and health-related services in the Czech Republic but Magdalena was a true exception to that. She really, genuinely, cares about her patients. My case was a bit complicated and she went above and beyond to help me and didn't stop until I was back at 100%. She was available 100% of the time I reached out to her and she followed up on me almost every day. I would not only recommend, but encourage anyone to go to her if you are looking for a physiotherapist. Plus - she speaks perfect English (very well above Czech average) which makes communication very fluent and easy for us foreigners.
Lorenzo Casarosa
Problem Back pain
Therapy Office visit
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Amazing experience! Magdalena helped me with a problem I had for more than one year and finally healed me through manipulation and exercises. Great caring about the patient and PROFESSIONALISM from all points of view (timings, schedules and physical). Personally Recommend 100%
Bara GS
Problem SI joint pain
Therapy Online PT
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Magdalena has helped me enormously with my rehabilitation from a long lasting back pain. I finally found someone who was able to correctly identify what is going on and what exactly to do about it. We did a series of online consultations which were simple but very effective. I was given a clearly explained exercise 'homework' to do in between. Initially I didn't think it's possible to do physio online effectively but to my delight Magdalena's wealth of experience and knowledge proved otherwise. All was easily done by video observations and consultations. Her warm, friendly and relaxed manner made those sessions a pleasant experience. I know I would be back here should I ever experience another physio issues. Thank you! I cannot recommend her services highly enough.
Christophe Wang
Problem Back pain
Therapy Office visit
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Absolutely recommended !! Magdalena is professional, very knowledgeable, and she takes time to listen attentively so the communication is super easy. After only 2 consultations and doing the prescribed exercices regularly , I felt a big improvement on my condition.
Eric Cerda
Problem Elbow pain
Therapy Office visit
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I highly recommend Magdalena. I had broken my arm and was in a cast for 4 weeks. When the cast came off I tried doing some exercises on my own to get back my range of motion in the elbow & wrist (which had been immobilized in the cast). After several weeks of not making any progress, I went to see Magdalena. After only 2 physical therapy sessions with her I had regained a significant amount of range of motion, and after 3 weeks I was almost back to 100%. I could not have done this without her! Thank you, Magdalena!
Frederico Pennese
Problem Back pain
Therapy Office visit
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Magdalena is a great person and an extremely competent doctor. I have been impressed by her abilities, the quality of the service and her amazing human touch. I highly reccomend her. I had severe back pain, I could not sit, she fixed my problems, giving me immediate relief. Thanks to her I could get back to my normal routines. She speaks a perfect English, fantastic the mobile-app which helps you to exercise properly and keep track of your progress. It is so easy to book an appointment on the web-site, it is also possibile to book it late afternoon, great location too. By far the best choice in Prague.
B Gostwick
Problem Back pain
Therapy Online PT
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Excellent postnatal consultations by a very experienced and friendly practitioner. I was impressed by the accuracy of problem identification during our online appointments. After just a few weeks of working with Ms Pertoldova I feel so much better. Well worth trying her physio services.
Adriana Castello Luro
Problem Shoulder pain
Therapy Office visit
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Magdalena knows exactly where things have gone wrong in your joints, muscles and bones...but she also knows how to fix it! A couple of sessions at Prague Physical Therapy were enough to alleviate and make disappear a severe pain in the arm. I highly recommend Magdalena !!
Ben Sweeney
Problem Shin splints
Therapy Office visit, running track visit
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I've been working with Magdalena on chronic pain associated with shin splints for the last 3 - 4 weeks and have seen consistent progress over that time. Her professionalism and attention to details inspires great confidence, and leaves me coming out of each PT session feeling more confident that I'm on the right track to overcoming my problem. The exercises she provided me for my recovery are easy to do which makes sure I don't fall behind on my progress, and they feel very targeted at my problem, which isn't something I've experienced with other physical therapists. I really couldn't recommend Magdalena any more highly!
Sam Maher
Problem Foot pain
Therapy Office visit
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Magic in Prague . I visited the clinic for foot pain, the pain was ongoing for 4 weeks, I came out from the clinic walking pain free after one session. The doctor listened carefully and was knowledgeable. Very happy with my experience.
David Fiala
Problem Rib pain
Therapy Online physiotherapy, in-person visit
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I can´t praise Magdalena enough. Excellent and affordable physio services. I had a combined online and in-clinic therapy with Magdalena. I live in Ireland. It happened that I injured myself during the lockdown in April and May. It initially felt awkward to seek help online but my rib injury was limiting my breathing, affecting my daily life and no other help was available. My doubts quickly dissipated as the first online session already brought some results. According to Magdalena, it was her first time she was guiding a patient to do a rib mobilization over internet :) I am back to my surfing and my other favourite sports. Thank you for the physio work and the mental support!


Post-covid starter exercises

The post-covid exercises below will help your recovery process, improve your posture and sense of well being. The breathing exercises can help your lungs to recover from covid-19. These exercises are easy to do, help to improve diaphragmatic function and increase lung capacity. Other advantages of deep breathing exercises are reduced inflammation, improved posture, better sleep, improved immunity, calming effect and increased energy level. Postural correction, meditation and laughter exercises will help with low mood and energy levels.

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Back pain

According to published articles by World Health Organization back pain affects people of all ages, from children to the elderly, and is a very frequent reason for medical consultations. The lifetime prevalence of non-specific (common) low back pain is estimated at 60% to 70% in industrialized countries. Very rarely the cause of back pain is addressed and it is often treated just by analgesics. Surgery is indicated in some cases and remains last option. Physical therapy offers conservative approach that is often very effective and safe.

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Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is pain on the outside of your elbow or upper part of your forearm. It is possible that you never held a tennis racquet in your had and yet leave your general practitioner or orthopedist with this diagnosis. The pain presents itself almost always when you are shaking someone’s hand or even try to bring a cup of tea to your lips.

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Neck pain

Does neck pain interfere with your life? Do you wake up at night with a numb arm or struggle to get out of bed in the morning with a stiff neck? Follow a few simple tricks:

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